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How to use the BitLaunch WireGuard App
How to use the BitLaunch WireGuard App

How to get connected and add additional clients

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The BitLaunch WireGuard app is a server that comes pre-installed with a ready-to-connect WireGuard installation.

Step 1 - Connect to your server to receive your config

To receive the necessary config file to connect your local client to your remote VPN, you must login either using SSH or console.

Instructions on how to connect using SSH can be found here:

Not familiar with SSH? You can also use the console.

Step 2 - Retrieve your config.

Once you are logged in, you will be presented with some output. This output contains the configuration you should copy and paste into a file to use with your WireGuard app locally.

Copy and paste the contents between the asterisks (****) and save onto your device as "mywireguard.conf".

Step 3 - Connect!

For this example, we will be going with the WireGuard client for mac, but most WireGuard clients are the same.

Click "Import tunnels(s) from file", or the equivalent with your WireGuard software.

Select your "mywireguard.conf" file and import it.

Click "Activate" and you're all set!
All traffic will be routed through your WireGuard VPN VPS.

Step 4 (Optional) - Connect more than one device

If you wish to connect more than one device to your WireGuard VPN, you can use our handy tool "wgman" built into the server.

You can type wgman help on your server to receive a list of commands. Let's look at some of those now.




wgman new

Used to add another device that you wish to connect

wgman new my_second_pc

wgman show

Show the configuration file for your extra device

wgman show my_second_pc

Second Device Example

Type wgman new my_second_pc. This will generate a new configuration file and peer on the WireGuard VPN server.

To show the configuration, type wg show my_second_pc

The same connection steps shown previously can then be used.

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