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Using Domains/DNS with BitLaunch
Using Domains/DNS with BitLaunch

How to use a domain with your VPS and set DNS records

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To set up a domain at BitLaunch you need to add it, along with any existing records, to the Domains/DNS section of your BitLaunch dashboard. Then, switch over your current Nameservers (NS) to ours.

If the domain is currently in use, you'll need to replicate any existing records over to BitLaunch before switching your Nameservers (NS) so that service continues and you don't face any downtime.

Here are the steps:

  1. Click the Domains/DNS section in your BitLaunch dashboard

  2. Enter your domain name and press Add Domain

  3. Click the newly listed domain to view the Records

  4. Add any records that you need to migrate from your old DNS provider

  5. In your old DNS provider, delegate your domain to us by setting Nameserver/NS as follows;





Note: some providers only allow you to set two DNS servers. In this case, just set the first two from the list above.

Registrar guides:

Namecheap - use 'Custom DNS'

Our DNS offering is free for all customers.

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