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How do payments work?
How do payments work?

An explanation of how cryptocurrency payments work with BitLaunch

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Making a payment

After creating an account you will need to fund your account. Funds sit in your account, represented as a USD balance. See our guide How does billing work? for more about that.

You must make a payment request (Add funds) each time you want to pay. The address will be different each time. To improve privacy, we never reuse addresses.

Which cryptocurrencies can I pay with?

We use our own payment system that has been developed in-house. This offers us the most flexibility and enables us to provide our customers with the best possible user experience and privacy when it comes to payments.

We currently directly support Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

If you'd like to pay with something else, you can use to send straight to one of our addresses.


As mentioned, we use our own payment processing solution. This enables us control in limiting what information we use to facilitate your transaction and means we don't need to rely on third parties. However, as with all things privacy-related, it's best when you (the user) has control - and you do! Check out blockchair's excellent privacy-o-meter and the Bitcoin Wiki guide on privacy for tips on keeping your transactions private.

Fast transactions

The fee is an integral part of the process and is dictated by the network of the cryptocurrency that you choose to use. For your transaction to complete quickly you need to use a competitive fee so that your transaction is included in a block. We always include a recommended fee at the bottom of each payment invoice.

For Bitcoin, we accept zero-confirmation transactions under certain circumstances. Here are some tips to get a zero-conf instant transaction with BitLaunch:

  • Turn RBF off

  • Send with at least our recommended fee (noted at the bottom of each invoice)

  • Make sure you are not spending parent coins that are unconfirmed

Paying from an exchange

Paying from an exchange can sometimes take longer than sending directly from your wallet as they tend to batch-send transactions. Additionally, some exchanges take their fees from the intended sent amount which results in the invoice being underpaid. Generally, we don't see issues with this on the big exchanges. If you run in to any issues just reach out to us on support and we'll be happy to help.

What if I underpay or overpay?

For underpaid transactions you'll see a message on your invoice link detailing the amount received, original amount, and the amount remaining. You can send the remaining amount to complete the payment and close the invoice. If the amount is too low to send or you have any issues, just reach out to us on support and we can credit the partial payment.

For overpaid transactions, contact us on support and we can arrange return or credit of funds.

My payment expired while it was in progress

Contact us to arrange return or credit of funds.

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