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Emailing on our services
Emailing on our services

How emailing works on BitLaunch and how to set RDNS

Written by Staro
Updated over a week ago

By default, emailing ports (SMTP) are blocked on new accounts. This is standard industry practice across our hosts as well as our own VPS service.

If you would like to send or receive email with your VPS, there are a few important points to note.

Emailing is enabled purely at our discretion based on the information you provide when requesting us to unblock SMTP ports for your server and account. If we decide that your use-case is valid then we can enable emailing for BitLaunch and DigitalOcean servers swiftly.

Vultr and Linode require us to contact them to enable emailing on servers on a case-by-case basis. Enabling email is solely at their discretion and we usually require up to 48 hours to get this opened for you on a single server.

Application for SMTP unblock

Once you have made sure that your emailing is not against our terms and conditions and you would like us to enable emailing on your account, you can request email unblocking by filling out the email unblock request form:

Email Unblock Request Form

This will be reviewed by the compliance team and, if approved, you will be notified by customer support.

How to set rDNS

You can set rDNS on your BitLaunch or DigitalOcean server by simply naming your server with your desired hostname. The server name must be a valid domain name for the PTR record to be set.

For Vultr and Linode, we can set rDNS but this is a manual process that must be completed by a member of the team.

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