Why can't I connect to my VPS?

Troubleshooting connection issues

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Here are some tips if you're facing issues connecting to your VPS. If you get through these and are still facing issues, just share the results of these steps with our support team and we'll look in to it for you.

It's still setting up

Different distributions and operating systems require different lengths of time to get past their first-boot. If you have provisioned the VPS within the last 5 minutes, wait 5 minutes and try again.

Check that the host is reachable

Check https://port.ping.pe to see if the port is reachable from locations around the world. Input your servers IP address and port in to this tool as follows:


Where ipaddress is the IP of your server and port is the port you're trying to connect to: usually 22 for Linux (SSH) and 3389 for Windows (RDP).

Check the hosts status page

Maintenance is an unfortunate inevitability. Check the host status page to ensure that they are not executing planned or emergency maintenance in the region of your VPS:

Check your connection

Some VPNs and Tor exits block SSH port 22 (Linux) and/or RDP port 3389 (Windows). Try a different connection, especially if the above port.ping.pe test shows that the host is reachable.

Diagnose using console (BitLaunch Servers Only)

If you cannot access the server, it's usually best to login directly using the console and diagnose the issue.
โ€‹How to use the console.

Let us know if this helped! As always, reach out to our support team if you're facing issues.

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